It contains walking in nature or trail paths during day or night for a short period of time. Hiking is done as a personal hobby, for fun, connection with nature and mental relief from our daily stressing. Furthermore you will be able to learn hiking correctly with safety in mountain from our personal training through our activities.


Multiday walking in trail paths and with intermediate overnight stays in shelter, guesthouses and rarely in tents. It may contain climbing mountain peaks or traversing canyons where the use of special mountaineering equipment and climbing techniques/equipment is not required. Trekking is also done for fun and joy, but in this case we have a specific destination.

Trekking with your dog

A different hike than we are used now that we have established it!

Bring your four-legged friend and join us to enjoy nature!

Relaxing by hiking in nature with your dog is beneficial for both, physically and mentally!

At the same time there will be a lecture - seminar and questions - answers from dog trainer Petros Sidereas.

Participants without a dog are also welcome.

Important: 2 free places with a dog are available for the dogs of the shelters who live there permanently so that we can give them the opportunity to go for a nice walk! The volunteers of the animal welfare associations should contact us.

Hiking & Wine

When wandering meets wine tasting, the result is special and certainly gladdens not only the human heart! This specific activity includes guided tours of local vineyards, wineries and walking tours in areas of natural interest.

Photo Projects

Everything can start from an idea. The photography project is a challenge to realize these ideas. In collaboration with experienced photographers, outdoor activities are organized for the purpose of photographing points of natural interest, astrophotography with night observation and personal portraits.

Animal friendly Projects

In the past we have volunteered to help with the organizational part of conducting dog walks in shelters in collaboration with their volunteers. Based on this, we organize hikes of similar interest where part of our income goes to the shelters for the costs of care and feeding of the dogs that live in them.

Environmental actions

The need to protect the environment is now more than ever. In this context, environmental actions are carried out such as educational trips to botanical parks or places of natural interest, organization for cleaning in groves and parks, cooperation with municipalities for tree planting, etc.

Corporate and School events

Customized according to outdoor activities services provided. Contact us for the package you are interested in.

Team Building Activities

Activities include different types used to enhance social positions (socializing) and change mood (recreation) or to enhance in practice, concepts of teamwork, communication, cooperation and goal achievement.